Here in Chicago, there is a team of us starting a website and quarterly magazine called “Wisecrack: Feminism & Comedy.” Already we’re on the first page of google when you type “feminism & comedy” into the search engine, which shows the kind of void we are filling here.

Our website is currently under construction but should be up by next Wednesday. It is:


For now, you should check out our blog, which features articles by me and Indira along with numerous posts about things relating to feminism & comedy:


Check them out and please keep your eye on us! We’re up and coming!


ps, we also have a twitter.


3 responses to “A GOOD BLOG COMIN YOUR WAY!

  1. Wow, that’s awesome! I’m so glad things are moving along so nicely for the zine. Any plans of heading down to Bloomington? Can you believe it, I’m done in 3 weeks!! Woooo!!

  2. THREEEEEEEWEEKS?! I sent you a short email about this actually. I will try to head down ASAP. Not this weekend, however. I may have a ride for the 1st week of May. Will you still be there then?

  3. Hey ladies, your blog sounds cool, mine’s kind of a “feminism humor” blog as well, I’d love y’all’s opinions! http://femmasculine.wordpress.com/

    Thanks and I’ll check back for more!

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