WTF, LA County?!

For the most part I really hate libertarianism and all the self-righteous bullshit that goes along with it.  But socially speaking, we feminists do invoke socially-libertarian slogans on occasion, for example when we shout “Keep your laws off my body!” One day I hope to examine the push-pull between the social-do-gooder impulses of some mainstream feminisms (Ban porno!) and the socially-libertarian impulses (Let us do whatever we want with our bodies!) For now, though, I’d say it makes sense to be a leftist with socially-libertarian impulses, like a Chomsky or someone.

I have drifted into Chomsky-land on many occasions, though rarely have I wandered into Reason-Magazine land, as I did today when I saw this headline: “$#$%##! LA County tries for cuss-free week.” For the first time, I think I saw the words “nanny-state” flash through my mind…

WTF, LA County? On the advice of a puritanical 15-year-old, you’re going to ban cussing for a week? Here’s the rationale: “It’s a good reminder for all of us, not just young people but everybody, to be respectful to one another and watch the words we use.”

There is no penalty for cussing in the County during the week. I might have to penalize the county for this nonsense, since the idea in some way impedes my freedom of speech. I would like to express myself in whatever damn way I please.

Some of language’s most exciting variations occur in obscenity! Some of its most passionate moments appear in four-letter words! In short, we would live in a barren, colorless linguistic landscape without bad words!

I know people say there are more creative ways to express disdain other than maliciously spitting a good old “Fuck you,” at someone, but honestly, I think those two words have all the bang for your buck. Nothing gets to the point faster.

I am a little worried about the 15-year-old who started his own no-cuss club. For f*&@’s sake, there are better things to worry about.



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